Founder of World’s largest online card game – Michel D’Sa in Hitechies Podcast

picture card online - online card game

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Founder of World's largest single online card game: Michel D’Sa in Hitechies Podcast.

Michel D’Sa is the creator and mastermind behind PCO (Picture Cards Online), the most advanced, customizable online party game in existence. D’Sa has used his innovative and entrepreneurial know-how to navigate the tech world over the last decade and has worked with businesses ranging from Silicon Valley start-ups to tech giants like LimeBikes and Youtube.
As a game developer, D’Sa knows his work is never done and he continues to work with major influencers, gamers, and content creators to add new, never-before-seen features to his games to enhance user experience. D’Sa is an accomplished developer by trade and an innovator at heart.
The covid 19 pandemics have sadly forced us to be online to socialize with our friends and families.  Digital transformation is perhaps an answer as we see a lot of companies adopting digital transformation as an initiative for 2021.
picture card online - online card game
If you just want to listen to this episode please click on the play button below.
For further info visit Picture Cards Online

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