How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help Fashion Industry

Pramod Dhakal at (Hitechies) Talking to Camilla Olson & Nick Clayton  Co-Founders at Savitude
Retail and apparel have been among the most-impacted industries under COVID-19, and Savitude’s team spoke to Pramod Dhakal (  on the ways AI can help companies recovering in the current climate to manufacture more efficiently, produce less waste, reduce costs and reduce returns due to customer satisfaction and fit issues.


  • Their technology combines predictive modeling with machine learning to help retailers increase sales through better fit, product-market match and reduced returns. 
  • Their latest feature helps designers efficiently create new designs from existing product so that unsold inventory can efficiently be updated and turned into sellable product. 
  • There is an underlying sustainability play at the core of what they do.
How Artificial intelligence can help fashion industry .camilla olson of savitude in talks with Pramod Dhakal at
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