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AI Can Bolster Our Defenses Against NFT Art Cybercrime

AI (artificial intelligence) Can Bolster Our Defenses Against NFT Art Cybercrime
8 min read
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by Pramod Dhakal

Artificial Intelligence: Francisco Webber, co-founder, and CEO of In Hitechies Podcast

Who is Francisco Webber ? Francisco Webber is co-founder and CEO of and inventor of the company’s proprietary Retina technology. This technology applies the principles of cerebral processing to machine learning and natural language understanding (NLU) to solve real-world use cases related to big text data. solutions are based on the actual meaning...

Zack Dvey-Aharon, CEO and Co-Founder of AEYE Health Talks to Pramod Dhakal

In this episode of Hitechies Podcast we have Zack Dvey Aaron. Zack Is the CEO and Co-Founder of AEYE Health. Zack started working on data analytics when he was 12 years old. Later, when he was doing his Ph.D. in machine learning at Tel Aviv University, he developed a fascination with machine learning and the way...

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