Co- Founder of Alpha Impact Hayden Hughes In Hitechies Podcast

In this episode of Hitechies Podcast, We have Hayden Huges.Hayden is the CEO and Co-Founder of Alpha Impact, a social media network with non-custodial copy trading built by crypto traders, for crypto traders. Alpha Impact’s top traders share access to their real trading portfolio, meaning that consumers can always see if top traders are as good as they say they are. He is a lawyer by training and has been working in crypto since 2017. His previous roles have included leadership roles with and Techemy Capital, a boutique blockchain investment bank. Discussed:

  • Why crypto world?
  • Rise of Cryptocurrency In Latin America
  • How to explain what cryptocurrency is?
  • Many cryptocurrencies are there ..But how do you invest one the right cryptocurrency?
  • Definition of Money According to Hayden Hughes.
  • Learnings from the cryptospace
  • And more….
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