Andrew Jayakody (Beam Health) talks to Pramod Dhakal About Beam Health

Andrew Jayakody Of Beam Health In chat with Pramod Dhakal In Hitechies Podcast

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Andrew Jayakody Of Beam Health In chat with Pramod Dhakal In Hitechies Podcast
In conversation with Andrew Jayakody, VP of Customer Success at Beam Health.
Beam Health is one of the world’s newest and fastest-advancing telehealth platforms, Beam Health gives clinics the technology and services to move faster and deliver excellent care – virtually. Easy for doctors and patients to use, Beam requires no training and can be implemented in 90 seconds or less. This prevents no-shows by providing quick and easy access to medical care. With Beam, there is no need for patients to forego appointments or put off health concerns, even in the midst of a pandemic. This is not only vital in maintaining the health of our nation, but in keeping our doctors on the front lines safe.
COVID-19 has solidified virtual care as a hallmark feature to be utilized in all medical practices moving forward, even post-pandemic. Beam Health’s CEO and co-founder, Sas Ponnapalli and COO and co-founder Ranga Jayawardena anticipated the trend towards virtual care far before COVID-19 and sought to empower medical practices with the tools needed to compete with telehealth tech companies like Teladoc. Beam combines telehealth with co-pay collection, rapid deployment where clinics can create an account and launch in 90 seconds, patient marketing, a custom Beam waiting room to educate and promote services to patients as they wait for your providers, custom EHR integrations, custom admin accounts so office managers/staff can chat directly with patients, screenshare capabilities, and group sessions.
With Sas as a technology forward CEO, Beam has not outsourced a single line of code and was built 100 percent in-house, in the U.S. Beam takes data privacy, HIPAA-Compliance and network security extremely seriously.
Beam is ultimately built to upgrade medical practices and empower patients and aims to bring telehealth to the masses.

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