Bilal Soylu of XcooBee In Talks With Pramod Dhakal

Bilal Soylu in hitechies podcast

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So who is Bilal Soylu ?

Bilal Soylu is a Serial Entrepreneur with multiple startups in different industries, including supply chain, healthcare, IT consulting, and SaaS. Deep experience in automating the purchase to pay (P2P) cycle within business processes. Specialties include SaaS systems, ERP, Purchasing, negotiations, IT, systems architecture, startups, team building, and process improvement. Pioneer in the use of Web-based technology to deploy enterprise applications. Architected and innovated global financial systems before founding XcooBee with the mission to improve privacy and payments systems for both companies and individuals.

Bilal Soylu of XcooBee  talks to Pramod in Hitechies Podcast where he explains how their technology is set to change the in-store purchase experience through no contact purchasing straight from your phone for a safer retail experience.
His team pivoted from privacy tools to creating a whole new shopping experience as part of COVID response.

Imagine Walking into a store and, instead of waiting in line for self-checkout while attempting to maintain social distancing, you checkout from your phone. For small business owners, they can easily authorize a real-world purchase of any item by their employees, instead of giving them an expense account or credit card. A nephew visiting the store on behalf of his immune compromised grandmother at any time and shopping on her behalf without worries of exposing her or himself further. A better insight into your college-age child’s spending without a need for them to access to your credit card but still supporting them when they need to get something at Target that they need.
Meanwhile stores can reduce the cost of self-checkout stations, keep their employees safe by reducing their interaction with customers and also capture additional impulse purchases and shopper data. With XcooBee Retail System Stores can process more sales with the same number of employees and deploy less hardware while having better store security. All this can be coupled with AI at checkout points to validate purchases faster and more accuracy (think Costco), and much more.
Furthermore into the conversation Bilal Talks about privacy and importance of privacy as well as how we could monetize our own privacy using XcooBee as a solution.

Safety is a large concern for shoppers. Only 30% feel truly comfortable returning to retail stores according to a recent Qubit study. Thus, the current retail store designs that emerged around the time of the factory and industrial revolution are also in question.
Moreover, shoppers like self-checkouts. If given the chance, they will use a self-checkout kiosk more than 40% of the time. However, today’s self-checkouts rely on the old store models where everyone is expected to congregate in certain areas and use shared equipment.
At XcooBee we re-imagined what a store could look like where checkout is anywhere in-store, where assistance is only a tap away, where shoppers do not have to congregate in lines or near kiosks and there is no unnecessary touching of equipment.
The result is not only a safer, faster and more convenient self-checkout experience, but also a more efficient operating paradigm for retail.

XcooBee has come up with a new retail experience that blends online behaviors and in-store shopping together. Consumers can use XcooBee without accounts or apps and have options to get personalized shopping assistance, which, in turn, can improve retail revenue. That is not all, we also added 3rd party shopping, approvals, recommendations engine and much more… all to help you drive more traffic to your store and keep your customers engaged.

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