Bitstamp launches global app to provide new customers with easy, accessible and more informed crypto access

Luxembourg, 24th July: Bitstamp, the world’s longest-running crypto exchange, today announces the global launch of its new app to help users buy and sell crypto confidently on-the-go. The new app was originally launched in April on Android for European customers and is today being launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play for users residing in the UK and US. Aimed at those new to crypto, as well more experienced users, the app makes navigating the crypto world easier than ever. 

The Bitstamp app comes with several new additional features. One of them is the integration with the Bitstamp Learn Center – a no-nonsense crypto education hub to help users understand the choices they are making and be more confident. The hub helps customers learn more about the aspects of crypto that interest them most. By doing so, it empowers them to make informed decisions when participating in the crypto markets.

Additionally, the app incorporates Bitstamp’s two products which help customers maximize the potential of their crypto: Earn Staking and Earn Lending. Through Earn Staking, customers have the opportunity to earn additional crypto rewards, while Earn Lending, the most transparent service of its kind, enables customers to generate yield from their cryptoassets.  You can learn more about the availability of Earn Staking here, and about Earn Lending here. Earn Lending is not available in the UK and US.

Bitstamp launches global app to provide new customers with easy, accessible and more informed crypto access

In 2022, Bitstamp was once again named number 1 centralised crypto exchange in CCData’s (formerly CryptoCompare) Exchange Benchmark. Bitstamp is still the only crypto exchange to receive five consecutive AA ratings. Bitstamp currently holds 52 licences and registrations globally, making it one of the most regulated and trusted crypto exchanges worldwide.

Jean-Baptiste Graftieaux, CEO of Bitstamp, said: “Through the launch of our new app, we’re making crypto accessible to everyone by simplifying the process of buying, selling and earning. We want to help our new customers to explore and feel confident in the world of crypto.”

“With projections suggesting that approximately 1 billion users will own or have access to crypto by 2030*, we’re supporting this mainstream adoption by offering customers a simple,  transparent and informed way to get started with crypto ”

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