Accessibility in tourism destinations – accessibility matters – Dale Reardon in hitechies podcast

dale reardon in hitechies podcast

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Who is Dale Reardon?

Accessibility in tourism destinations – accessibility matters In this episode of the Hitechies Podcast, we have invited Dale Reardon. There are about 1 Billion travelers worldwide who have special accessibility needs.
Dale Reardon is one of them. Luckily for Dale, he has his faithful seeing-eye dog, Charlie. He founded Travel For All, solving the problems around accessible and inclusive travel. In a very warm and open conversation, Dale raises his concern on how a big portion of the population cannot travel or are limited to traveling because of their unique accessibility needs.
Dale has considerable experience with both online and offline businesses and has been marketing or conducting business online since 1996. Dale has also owned and operated tourist accommodation properties himself for 8.5 years. Dale is a great believer in the power of community and peer support and the power of technology to help people with disabilities. Dale is a passionate advocate for equality, anti-discrimination and disability rights and equality.
He is building platform travel for all that he thinks can challenge platforms like Trip Advisor for the accessible & inclusive travel market. Dale loves everything about France – its wine, food, and culture – particularly its true Champagne wine. Dale and Jo (Wife) have traveled extensively both domestically and internationally and hope to undertake more international travel as soon as the Covid19 situation permits it safely.
Travel For All will be a TripAdvisor for Accessible and Inclusive Travel, incorporating a community and providing detailed accessible travel information.  Travellers with accessibility needs will have access to trusted, verified and complete information to plan, book and experience travel with confidence.
Further into this conversation Dale talks about his interest in artificial intelligence and not being concerned about AI taking over human intelligence.

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