Ethereum 2.0 is coming – What changes can you anticipate?

So whats new with Ethereum 2.0 

  • A new an improved protocol following years of research and experience with the eth1 chain
  • Same Currency (ETH) , same ecosystem, bridge for projects to migrate. 
  • Emphasis on simplicity , scalability , security 
  • Emphasis on true decentralization

There are so many unanswered questions now.
Will the ethereum price increase or remain the same in the near future.  What will be the future of cryptocurrency miners?

In the same context a discussion with Caroline Bowler CEO of BTC Markets who explains her view on how the evolution of Ethereum 2.0 would look like in the near future. 
An interesting conversation where Caroline shares her own personal journey in the financial industry to being a CEO of BTC markets. 

Caroline Bowler CEO of BTC Markets Australia

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