Evolution of Traditional Banking In 5 years.

Traditional Banking Institutions are trying hard to keep up with upcoming and innovative fintech startups. We reached out to various fintech leaderships and learnt their point of view on how they see the evolution of Banking Industry. 

In the same context Pramod Dhakal (Founder @ hitechies) had an interesting and open conversation with Rohan Hall (CEO and CoFounder of Vottun). 

What’s in this discussion

  •  The present state of traditional banking and what kind of changes to expect in near future.
  •  How new regulations and technologies will keep our data intact and we will be in charge of our data.
  • Digital wallet’s usability will not be limited to storing money but in various purposes. 
  • New Standards approved by W3C
  •  Increased usability of blockchain  in financial world.
Rohal Hall Vottun : Evolution of traditional banking in 5 years
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