Fred Schebesta At Finder in conversation with Pramod Dhakal

Fred Schebesta Co Founder at

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In a very interesting conversation Fred Schebesta  spoke to pramod dhakal  and sharesd his journey as entrepreneur, challenges with COVID19 and some great tips for other entrepreneurs.

So who is Fred Schebesta ?

Fred is an Australian entrepreneur, fintech expert and the founder of Finder, which is one of the leading personal finance comparison sites in the world, and he heads up our startup arm (Finder Ventures), where he has built a team to launch and incubate new business ideas.
Finder is now live in 83 countries and sees over 10 million visitors each month – all with no funding! Finder has seen significant modifications for operating in the social distancing economy and he can talk about how we closed our offices to become fully remote and pivoted our business and why crew happiness and well-being are so critical. Finder saw such great success in its ability to pivot quickly that it made its debut in the Best Places to worktop 50 for Australia.
Fred also launched a startup initiative on LinkedIn called The Disruptors’ Club, which is a community to connect hustlers and learn from each other.
Fred’s passion is startups and leading Finder Ventures has been his ultimate achievement. He launched a cryptocurrency brokerage in 2018, which traded over $100 million in its first year. And since then he’s pivoted the entire business into a fintech by launching the Finder app, which is the most innovative money app in Australia. Despite launching in the pandemic, the Finder app has almost 60,000 downloads and it’s found over $34 million in potential savings for its users.
It’s the first money app to combine such a breadth of money management tools with a comprehensive comparison engine, giving users intuitive alerts about their products to help them save money. It’s live in Australia and will roll out to the US and UK soon. Another project launched by Fred during COVID-19 is Finder Verified, which identifies and vetts sellers before they can list products on Finder.

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