International Trauma Specialist – Dawn Taylor in Hitechies Podcast

In this episode of Hitechies Podcast, We have our Guest Dawn Taylor

In this conversation we go through various topics.

  • Mental Well Being as an entrepreneur
  • Well being during the covid 19 challenges. 
  • Trauma and its various forms and their impact on the daily lives.
  • Journey of Dawn Taylor.

And more…

Who is Dawn Taylor?

International trauma specialist, life coach strategist, and all-around badass, Dawn’s journey into helping others heal began when she took her personal recovery from the trauma she experienced in her life into her own hands. While at times unconventional, Dawn’s strategic methods have helped hundreds heal from everything related to PTSD from sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, to issues from infidelity, to overcoming addiction, as well as helping cult survivors thrive. Dawn’s work has empowered entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, and CEOs alike to be the superheroes in their own lives.

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