NanoGirls – See yourselves as superheroes : Michelle Dickinson

Michelle  Dickinson, Founder at NanoGirls In Chat with Pramod Dhakal.  Listen to this very interesting conversation. 

Michelle Dickinson Nano Girls

Michelle  Dickinson , also known as Nanogirl, is a nanotechnologist and science educator based in New Zealand.

Michelle  used to be painfully shy and afraid of public speaking. On the advice of a speaking coach, she invented the alter-ego “Nanogirl” as a way to overcome her nerves. Initially Michelle used the name “Nanogirl” to write a science blog, then as it became more popular she started a YouTube channel and began to speak at schools and events. Michelle ran an edutainment company that was about to go on a world tour with our live science theatre show!

With $2.5 million in revenue through live performances in their books – everything was cancelled for COVID!

In 3 days they turned everything around, used their theatre crew to build a TV production studio in their office and used the 1997 html coding skills to create an online digital platform to help children learn STEM at home.

After 2 weeks they had customers in 107 countries and the whole business has moved to the online world.

Nano Girl :See yourselves as superheroes

In this conversation:

  • Start of Nanogirl & the motivation.
  • Challenges as entrepreneur.
  • Keeping your kids during the lock down is important and how can parents can help kids to be engaged
  • Concept of super heroes inventing super powers
  • Future of education and digital humans
  • Introvert Vs Extrovert in workspace
  • Mindset of young women as creators and engineers
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