NFT Studios to release exclusive first NFT collection with unique rewards

NFT Studios to release exclusive first NFT collection with unique rewards.

NFT Studios to release exclusive first NFT collection with unique rewards

  • NFT Studios’ film production subsidiary, KinoDAO, is releasing 500 Kino Pass NFTs, grantingunique early access benefits to the first supporters of NFT Studios’ mission to democratise film production
  • Kino Pass holders will be entitled to exclusive benefits such as two free KinoDAO ticket NFTs and priority access to all future mints
  • The Kino Pass NFTs can be purchased through the KinoDAO website for 0.3ETH from 11:00PDT (19:00 BST) today

Los Angeles, London, 6 July 2022 – NFT Studios, the first Web3 film production company and
disruptor of traditional film financing models, announces that its film production subsidiary, KinoDAO, is
releasing 500 Kino Passes, its exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs), at 11AM (PDT) today, as part of
its efforts to democratise the movie industry and open the film production process to fans.
The Kino Passes provide exclusive rewards to ‘early birds’ or movie fans that are first to purchase
KinoDAO’s NFTs. By purchasing the Kino Passes, fans will not only be able to fund their favourite film
projects, but they will also receive two free KinoDAO ticket NFTs, which will be released in late summer.
The rarity of the free KinoDAO tickets will be randomly allocated between gold, silver and general
admission, to ensure that every Kino Pass holder has equal opportunity to win the rarest version among
the three types of tickets, as they offer the most exclusive benefits.

For example, general admission NFT ticket holders will receive benefits such as free movie
merchandise and entry to afterparties at film festivals like the Cannes Film Festival and the Berlin
International Film Festival. Meanwhile, gold tickets, which are the rarest NFTs, will entitle holders to all
of the benefits available through the general admission and silver tickets, as well as granting extra perks
like red-carpet access and the opportunity to do a cameo appearance in a KinoDAO production.
Additionally, Kino Pass holders will be the only KinoDAO NFT holders that will be granted priority access
to all future KinoDAO mints aimed at helping fund new film projects and to be automatically enrolled in
KinoDAO’s weekly giveaways, which include free NFTs on new film projects, providing token holders
with the opportunity to support all their favourite films.

Democratising the film industry by bringing movie creators closer to the audience than ever before is a
priority for NFT Studios. This is why Kino Pass holders will also receive governance tokens called
$KINO. These are linked to their KinoDAO ticket NFTs and will provide them with the right to vote on
scripts they would like to see produced and input into certain aspects of the movies, as well as to support
the running of KinoDAO by enabling them to vote on management decisions relating to treasury
allocations and on the organisation’s governance.

Each KinoDAO ticket NFT has allocated a specific number of governance tokens of $KINO. As owners
of at least two ticket NFTs, Kino Pass holders are likely to have a larger number of votes than other
KinoDAO NFT holders. As well as voting on existing proposals, token holders that hold sufficient $KINO
will also be able to submit their own ideas relating to creative decisions, treasury allocations and on
governance of the DAO itself.

Creating a strong community of film and blockchain aficionados who are committed to actively
participating in the production process and the running of KinoDAO is key for the organisation’s
success. As a result, Kino Pass holders will be invited to attend KinoDAO’s exclusive events, such as
parties and seminars, where they will not only be able to meet NFT Studios’ and KinoDAO’s team, but

they will also have the chance to interact with other token holders, as well as with film industry
professionals and Web3 experts which will be invited to attend the events.
The Kino Pass NFT will be available for purchase through the KinoDAO website for 0.3ETH each. The
proceeds of this exclusive mint will be used to fund initiatives to educate people on how NFTs can be
used to disrupt the film industry, as well as to rally support for KinoDAO’s main drop which will take
place in late summer. The proceeds of this main drop will be used to fund the production of ‘A Wing
and a Prayer’, an upcoming comedic drama that tells the true and moving story of Brian Milton, the first
man to fly around the globe in a microlight aircraft.
With the Kino Passes offering a number of exclusive benefits, it is expected that there will be significant
demand for these tokens. So, to ensure that movie and blockchain fans can take advantage of these
opportunities, token holders will be able to resell their passes, along with their exclusive benefits, on
the secondary market. As well as enabling movie fans to make a profit, the secondary sales of NFTswill allow KinoDAO to receive royalties which will be reinvested into the organisation to ensure its long-
term sustainability.

We are thrilled to be releasing the Kino Pass, our first ever NFT collection, designed to reward our earliest supporters with benefits that won’t be available in any future collections. From priority access to our future mints, through to the opportunity to win weekly prizes, holders of our Kino Pass NFTs will have an exclusive opportunity to be part of each stage of the film production process. We look forwardto welcoming movie and blockchain fans to our community and to start hearing their incredible ideas as we rapidly approach the production of A Wing and a Prayer, our first film in a pipeline of exciting scripts and projects that we at NFT Studios are curating on behalf of some of the most successful independent producers and filmmakers, both in Hollywood and around the world.

Niels Juul, co-founder, NFT Studios
NFT Studios to release exclusive first NFT collection with unique rewards
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