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Sagi Eliyahu CEO Of Tonkean In Chat With Pramod Dhakal – Hitechies Podcast.

Sagi Eliyahu ceo at tonkean talks to pramod dhakal in Hitechies Podcast
In this episode of the Hitechies Podcast Pramod Dhakal(Hitechies) Talks to Sagi Eliyahu who is the cofounder at TonkeanSagi Eliyahu is the CEO and co-founder of Tonkean, a platform that empowers business operations teams to optimize their unique mix of people, process, and systems. Along with his partner, Offir Talmor, Sagi founded Tonkean in 2015 to bridge the “Last Mile” gap in operations. Prior to Tonkean, Sagi held executive engineering roles at Jive Software. Sagi served for four years in Unit 8200, the Israeli Defense Force’s elite intelligence agency, and he applies much of what he learned from developing data and information systems for the agency to his work at Tonkean.Proven track record of successfully building and managing R&D teams, from a handful to dozens of employees across multiple locations and time zones, and developing innovative technology solutions from ideation to mass adoption.Right now is a crucial time for us to decide what should and shouldn’t be automated. Tonkean’s co-founder Sagi Eliyahu believes that we should answer that question by focusing on helping people instead of only caring about efficiency gains. 

What is Tonkean?

Tonkean is the operating system for business operations, a no-code platform that enables operations teams and IT to rapidly increase efficiency of their processes while minimizing change management. Business operations teams are using Tonkean to improve key cross-functional operational metrics like revenue velocity, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.Tonkean allows ops teams to rapidly deploy solutions that orchestrate dynamic, human-centric processes without introducing new tools or interfaces. With 1000+ connectors to existing enterprise systems, like CRM, HRIS, ERP and ticketing systems, and to communication tools like email, MS Teams and Slack, Tonkean manages, monitors, and accelerates business operations without forcing people to change their behavior.

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