Sean Byrnes, CEO at Outlier talks about Diversity and its importance in Hitechies Podcast

sean byrnes on diversity

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sean byrnes on diversity

About Sean Byrnes

Sean Byrnes is CEO and co-founder of Outlier. He is the leading authority on automated business analysis solutions and outlier data identification. Before creating Outlier, Sean founded Flurry, a highly successful mobile-analytics and advertising platform acquired by Yahoo in 2014. Sean is a regular contributor to Forbes, Medium and other business outlets. He’s a regular guest on entrepreneurial podcasts, helping other start-up CEOs manage through the stages of growth. He is also an advisor for, and investor in, early-stage technology companies.
Sean holds a B.A. in Engineering from Dartmouth College and an M.Eng. in Computer Science from Cornell University.
In this Conversation
  • Work-life balance during COVID-19 or work-life scheduling
  • Definition of Work-life balance is changed?
  • Mental health issues
  • Diversity is one of the core values of the outlier and it means to be diverse.
  • Commitment towards diversity
  • Motivation and productivity how does that correlate
  • What is wrong with the homogenous company culture?
  • Onboarding: What it means to new employees?
  • The innovative culture within the company.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Challenges as entrepreneur

Outlier on Diversity

Just as important as meeting our customer demands, we will keep prioritizing diversity and inclusion efforts. We’ve built a strong and inclusive culture at Outlier and we look forward to growing the team into 2021 and beyond.

Sean Byrnes, CEO, Outlier
Outlier continues to be committed to its Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, working to ensure that employees are equally represented within all levels of the organization. Traditionally underrepresented groups (Women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Multiracial, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities, and Veterans) currently make up 62% of the Outlier U.S. employee base. Black and Hispanic/Latinx employees currently stand at 10% and 39% of overall employees identify as female. Within management, 36% of the leadership team is female.

About Outlier

Outlier, based in sunny Oakland, California, helps global consumer, financial services and various other organizations identify unexpected changes within their critical business data. The Outlier automated business analysis platform uncovers unexpected patterns and relationships using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. Organizations can integrate Outlier with existing sources of data within minutes, allowing leaders to gather business insights quickly, identify potential opportunities and address the unexpected.

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