Theta Labs’ Web3 Digital Rights Video Technology Powers Exclusive Video Content at The Pet Collective

Theta Labs' Web3 Digital Rights Video Technology Powers Exclusive Video Content at The Pet Collective

In a transformative collaboration, The Pet Collective and Theta Labs have integrated Theta’s Web3 Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology on The Pet Collective’s website, allowing over five millions subscribers to access exclusive content. This integration marks a significant advancement in user-centric content delivery and the merging of innovative technology and digital content creation.

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 28th, 2023 – The Pet Collective, the TMB brand renowned for its endearing and humorous pet content, has unveiled an innovative Web3 feature enabling users to unlock exclusive video content. This novel approach utilizes Theta Labs’ patented Web3 DRM technology, enabling users to unlock exclusive video content gated behind utility NFTs.

This advancement highlights a seamless integration of Theta’s Web3 DRM technology directly on The Pet Collective’s website, showcasing the capability to unlock premium, exclusive content in a more user-friendly and interactive manner. Visitors can experience this groundbreaking feature at no cost and access exclusive content by visiting Pet Collective’s NFT Unlock Page.

Theta’s DRM technology is an end-to-end Web3 solution, integrating NFTs with digital rights management (DRM) to reshape content consumption. This pioneering technology facilitates transparent and immutable on-chain access rights to exclusive content, empowering content creators with the ability to oversee distribution.

The partnership between Theta and TMB represents a paradigm shift in content consumption, delivering enhanced value and engagement to The Pet Collective community. “It was simple to implement Theta’s innovative technology directly on our website, which allowed us to offer our audience an easily accessible and immersive experience, enriched with exclusive content,” said Jacob Salamon, Vice President of Business Development at TMB (parent company of The Pet Collective).

Mitch Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of Theta Labs expressed his enthusiasm, “Integrating Theta’s patented digital rights technology within The Pet Collective website and apps not only demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of our platform but also paves the way for content creators to interact with their audience in novel and meaningful ways. We are excited to see how this integration will elevate engagement with millions of users and transform content interaction paradigms.”

This strategic collaboration with The Pet Collective is a testament to Theta Labs’ commitment to pioneering user-centric advancements in content interaction and delivery, showcasing its versatility in aligning content creators and consumers in a rapidly evolving media ecosystem.

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