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What Venture Capitalists Look for in Start-ups? : Slingshot Ventures

In this episode of Hitechies Podcast, we have invited David & Dan who are the co-founders at Slingshot Venture.
In this very interesting discussion, we go through several topics some of them are as below

  • What VCs(Venture Capitalist) look for in startups
  • Company Culture
  • Motivation & Commitment Of an Entrepreneur
  • Evolution Of Tech sector
  • Challenges with Covid-19
  • Artificial Intelligence, 5G network, bitcoin, crypto, and several other topics.

David Galownia

David excels at propelling Slingshot towards its goals and oversees the strategic direction of the company. He’s been described as ‘intense, driven, caring, and passionate’ both at work and play. At work, he enjoys watching his team explore, imagine, and reinvent to do the best for their clients. At play, he drives Karts at insanely high speeds and scares his wife half to death. It’s all or nothing. Which means he gives it all.

Dan Murphy

Dan is a husband, father, entrepreneur and a seeker. He has spent the majority of his 15 year career growing technology service companies, and the other years creating his own. At Slingshot Ventures he is primarily responsible for engaging new founders and supporting existing founders with their market development and sales strategy. Dan is always quick to lend a hand in other areas and never fails to enjoy the ride, no matter how bumpy it may get.

On the start of Slingshot Ventures

Slingshot, a software and app development company founded in 2005, wanted to create a way to help empower entrepreneurs with technology ideas.
By leveraging our expertise in designing and building tech products, we looked to partner with entrepreneurs, making their ideas a reality. We know starting a business is hard, and growing a business is harder.As a result, Slingshot Ventures was born: the innovation and startup arm of Slingshot.

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