What is Open Banking ? Eyal Explains in Hitechies Podcast

In this episode of Hitechies Podcast, we have Eyal Sivan.

In the conversation:

  • What is Open Banking?
  • Difference between open banking and regular banking
  • Challenges with the evolution of traditional banking.
  • Blockchain as technology
  • Privacy and security challenge with open banking.

Who is Eyal Sivan?

Eyal Sivan is a seasoned technologist specializing in all aspects of open banking. Eyal leverages his 25 years of IT experience in management, business analysis, systems integration and distributed application architecture to drive his clients towards open banking readiness, client-focused agility, rapid innovation and global technology leadership.Eyal Sivan is Head of Open Banking at Axway, and a seasoned technologist specializing in all aspects of open banking. etc.Beyond his technology expertise, Eyal has excellent leadership and communication skills, consistently striving to inspire the teams he works with. He also has extensive public presentation experience, having spoken at numerous international conferences on APIs, integration architecture, open banking & the general impact of technology on our lives.‍As Mr. Open Banking, Eyal has dedicated his career to help drive the evolution of open banking forward. He believes it can improve millions of lives by enabling a more innovative, resilient & inclusive financial ecosystem.

What is Open Banking ?

Open banking is a financial services term as part of financial technology that refers to: The use of open APIs that enable third-party developers to build applications and services around the financial institution. Greater financial transparency options for account holders ranging from open data to private data.Wikipedia

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