Why Privacy Matter? : In conversation with BUZZ OFF Founders

buzz off interesting startups september 2020

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So what is this thing called Buzz Off ?

Privacy has become a topic of concern for most of us. With electronic devices such as Alexa, Google Home among many others on one hand being very useful as it offers services as advertised however on the other hand sometimes we want every electronic devices to BUZZOFF.
In this  Hitechies Podcast Pramod Dhakal is in talk with the Cofounders of BUZZOFF where they go through some interesting reasons on how buzzoff was started.
BuzzOff is a smart speaker blocker that gives you control over when your smart speakers are listening. BuzzOff works with most models of Amazon Echo. Support for Google Home and Nest Home is planned.
BuzzOff is the most convenient way to manage your smart speakers. Just say “Alexa, go away” or use the Official BuzzOff mobile app. BuzzOff cuts the power to your smart speaker, for an amount of time you choose, and restores it automatically later. Your smart speaker can’t listen if it’s powered off.
Whether you’re having an office-call at home or a bunch of friends over, with BuzzOff on, you’ll not be spied upon. BuzzOff works with most Amazon Echo devices, and the founders are planning to support Google Home and Nest Home also. It’s super easy to install for anyone. At just over 1/2″ thickness, it slides neatly underneath your smart speaker and doesn’t even need a wall plug because it uses the one with the smart speaker. If you have a house full of smart speakers, you can put a BuzzOff under each one of those, and control all of them with a voice command. All you have to say is ‘Alexa, Go Away,’ and you can reclaim your privacy.

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