Artificial Intelligence : The Challenge and the need of it.

So what is this thing Called Artificial Intelligence Or AI ?

Refers to AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled systems that can detect what kind of file you are uploading and determine what you are probably going to do with it. You are presented with recommendations in the interface that suggests why are you sending this document and the purpose around it.

To be more specific its about understanding the pattern and its detection.

The hierarchy of concepts allows the computer to learn complicated concepts by building them out of simpler ones. If we draw a graph showing how these concepts are built on top of each other, the graph is deep, with many layers. For this reason, we call this approach to AI deep learning.

Goodfellow and Aaron Courville

Some of the challenges that AI and deep learning can be used to solve


Deep learning and AI can be used to identify and understand the patterns, behaviours and traits of viruses. It can also be used to understand why there is a variability as some spread more easily through waters, and others through air and so on.
Again a separate learning could be in regards to the demographics and the factors that contributes mortality. We are still at a very early stage of our understanding of Covid-19 and a lot of information that we have are not substantial to make any rational claim about a certain direction to go.

Artificial Intelligence In Insurance:

The labour some and boring tasks that takes forever for someone to work on can be simplified by using once again AI and deep learning. For example, digitization of physical document specially in insurance company can be difficult specially when you are for insurance claims. When you scan thousands of document and you realize that only few of them are eligible for the claims. By adding intelligent algorithm in your scanning process you would be able to determine which files or direction to look at that would enable productivity to be much higher.

Artificial Intelligence In Weather Data for Farmers

Artificial intelligence in a propelled manner is helping the rancher to remain refreshed with the information identified with climate forecasting. The anticipated information assist farmers with expanding returns and benefits without taking a chance with the harvest. The investigation of the information created encourages the farmers to play it safe by comprehension and learning with AI.

Artificial Intelligence In Surveillance & Cyber Security

Security threats in both physical and virtual is a constant challenge. With growing demand on the need of intelligence in these areas creates opportunity to build systems and services that are efficient and more reliable. Some technologies such as Smart Access Control with face recognition in surveillance can be a great example of how technology can provide the intelligence to improve on surveillance.

Automatic perimeter monitoring and secure area protection is an interesting approach to how we are looking at the world we are living in.

Supply Chain

Demand and supply is one of the most challenging subject that we all are struggling with. AI in warehouse can be used to predict the demand vs availability of goods.

As the world witness the demand of masks and ventilator and other materials in other to support the fight of covid -19 , AI can be used in predicting from where the demand can be anticipated.

Spain has ordered 432 million euros ($471.4 million) of goods from China, asked NATO for help and pledged to support factories adapting their production lines to make more goods at home.

So that we are better prepared, and goods required by the needy ones can be supplied on a timely manner.

Medicine In Health Care

Any drugs when used in a targeted group of population can have its cause and effect. Using such drugs the impact can be assessed specially on its usefulness and can be validated by the data. With those data validation AI and deep learning with intelligent algorithm can be utilized to predict our understanding around risk of the population(on different level) being impacted by using the same medical and prescription drug.


We are living at a very complicated time where we see evolution of great technologies in solving crisis that are affecting millions of lives. AI and deep learnings provide us some understanding and some direction on how our approach should be as far as dealing with the subject matter is concerned. Perhaps it may not be 100% conclusive in providing hard facts but its evolving and getting smarter over time. A lot of investment initiatives are necessary from more developed nationals in europe and the US or china to work towards a common agenda.
Even though we are at a very early stage of evolution in terms of our understanding around Artificial Intelligence and deep learning, there are strong indicators that suggests deep learnings and AI can solve very complex problems by understanding the patterns and the behaviours.

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