Some disruptive digital technologies that changed our lives forever

Every era we see new disruptive technologies that changes the way we view the world. As human we are curious and it’s in our DNA to seek something new all the time.From stepping foot on the surface of the moon to ascending the Mt Everest we have achieved all.
The thirst for knowledge is fed to us as we just learned to read and write. And it sort of becomes a pattern or a blueprint towards learning more to quench the thirst.
Talking about innovation most of the innovation started because of our curious nature.Here are some disruptive technologies that really changed the way we learn, play or communicate with each other.

1) Internet:

If I don’t put internet on top of the list it would almost be an insult to all the readers who were born pre-internet era and who has seen the transition from various windows (Operating system) evolution to the usage of internet.
Super thanks to Tim Berners-Lee father of WWW
This is where it began for me. I was introduced to internet in early 1996
I can now surf the internet with the annoying modem sound and the connection broke whenever possible.
By the way, at that time it was considered the stuff only for GIG.

By Definition : a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.


Its never enough to talk about the internet and the more I talk about it I feel there are so much to cover on this topic. My intention is just to rewind a bit back and see where we are now. I thought  internet was a game changer when it comes to disruptive digital technologies .

2) Hotmail

Its worth mentioning about Hotmail as it was the first email that I ever used. I don’t probably have the same email that I used in 1997. I must admit I did open 100’s of email to spam a lot of folks around but yeah I did try to reach out to all the names I had ever known +

Not so fancy logo back then but it did the job! 

Hotmail Old Logo
Now that everyone started their website it was important for someone to realize that all the website needed to be found at some point. There was a desperate need to find information over the internet and I had to find company’s website either through printed materials or by simple guess.
There will a lot of debate over few different ones popular back then but I guess the ones which really changed the way we search content are the most important ones.

3) Google & Yahoo

Thanks to David Filo & Jerry Yang (Yahoo Founders) as well as Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google Founders) I am now able to search any disease and feel awful until I see the doctor to make me feel better. My daughter is able to ask Google for answers that otherwise needs mathematical genius. I sound like an expert even when it comes to cooking.

4) Social Network

My father posted a picture on Facebook and he asked my mom who was next to him “Did you like this pic?”My wife sees the pic and says there are already 40 likes. Excited by the picture’s success my dad tells the story to his Grand Daughter.
Radical Really????

5) Video Platform:

My daughter is 9 and she doesn’t feel like running. She finds excuses not to bike with me. She is indulged in YouTube channels where they make videos of someone playing online games ????Can you believe she is watching someone play the online game???I sound like an old fart when I am writing this but I care less. Like any disruptive digital technologies video platform has improved the way we learn about the world now. Learnings is much easier and information is avaialble at the finger tips.

6) Chat/Call tools:

There are Gillions of tools used these days for communications in general. Thanks to all the creator of such apps, I am annoyed by people calling me because they can call for free? I wonder how many times I would have received calls from the same people if it was a paid phone. I receive the message which I really don’t care about.

7) Phone:

Let me start by saying Steve Jobs Thank you!My daughter asked me, Hey dad when you were at my age how was the iPhone like?
I had no answer to that question as I didn’t know how the phone was as we didn’t even have a landline in our home.
Nowadays I almost feel guilty walking down the street while I see most of the people busy on the phone. I feel like I have nothing to do and I am the only one who is enjoying the walk. I am being ridiculous here but I really don’t care.I once watched an interview of this convicted person released after 45 years. And I cannot echo more of what he said

8) Digital Currency

Out of all the other mentioned above, I am personally excited about this particular disruptive digital technologies. Although early days and I don’t have any money lost or gained in any cryptocurrencies myself, there are already talk of people either making a lot of money or loss. Its imperative people will have their voices on something that is still relatively untested. There will be some highs and some lows and a lot of talks. At the end, the technology that is behind such currency will change the way we will pay our friends and family. The bank charges to keep my own money and to send my own money will be eradicated. I can hope at least ????

9) Autonomous Cars

I hope my daughter still needs a driving license in 10 years time. I would be extremely sad if she doesn’t appear on DL exams. am keeping my eyes open for the upcoming new technology that is radical and can change our lives in a positive way. Being one of the active internet users out of billions I feel extremely privileged to witness the evolution and its increase in proximity.

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