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inSTREAMLY -A platform where brands meet streamers : Wiktoria Wójcik In Hitechies Podcast 2021

In this episode of hitechies podcast I am talking to Wiktoria Wójcik

Who is Wiktoria Wójcik ?

Co-founder of inSTREAMLY – a platform where brands meet streamers.
Live Streaming Market is Expected to Reach USD 247.27 Billion By 2027. With that said it’s a fast-growing industry.In her career, she has experienced gaming from many angles. She was a streamer, an interviewer on esports events, and worked in an esports organization. As a marketing expert, she worked on 70+ streamer campaigns for global brands. Now with inSTREAMLY she wants to build a better world for streamers and everyone working with them.

InSTREAMLY -A Platform Where Brands Meet Streamers.

In this episode of hitechies Podcast with Wiktoria Wójcik we discuss several topics. Some of them are as below:

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