Profound Impact of Bias in artificial intelligence – Janneke Niessen cofounder of CapitalT in Hitechies Podcast

janneke niessen co founder at capitalT

Who is Janneke Niessen?

Janneke Niessen is a co-founder of CapitalT, a VC fund that invests in technology companies using proprietary technology to evaluate entrepreneurial teams. In the past, she has started and exited 2 international tech companies. She is co-initiator of InspiringFifty, an initiative that aims to increase diversity in tech by making female role models more visible. As part of the InspiringFifty initiative, Janneke has published The New Girl Code, a novel for young girls.The goal of the project is to encourage young girls, inspiring them to pursue a career in technology and invest in an educational foundation focusing on math and computer science. Janneke was named Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year in 2019, most prominent angel investors in 2018, Most Innovative Leader in 2016, and 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year, a few of many in a long list of honors for Janneke.In this episode we discuss various topics :

  • Tech entrepreneur as women
  • Journey as entrepreneur
  • Challenges with COVID19
  • Bias in artificial intelligence
  • Culture of Diversity & innovation

Bias can creep into algorithms in several ways. AI systems learn to make decisions based on training data, which can include biased human decisions or reflect historical or social inequities, even if sensitive variables such as gender, race, or sexual orientation are removed. Harvard Business Review

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