AI Can Bolster Our Defenses Against NFT Art Cybercrime

AI (artificial intelligence) Can Bolster Our Defenses Against NFT Art Cybercrime
8 min read

Neural Network 2022- Artificial intelligence system modeled on the human brain.

Artificial neural networks (ANN) or neural networks are a type of machine learning algorithms that are based on the structure of neurons in the human brain.
12 min read

Optimize Business Operation: Discover How to take advantage of A.I. & Analytics in 2021

A.I. & Analytics To Optimize Business Operation “Premature optimization is the root of all evil” Donald Knuth The American computer scientist Donald Knuth said, “Premature optimization is the root of all evil” and he probably has something there. Optimization is not something to be taken lightly. It’s a long, involved process that requires buy-in from...
5 min read

How to start a career in AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

How To Start A Career In AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Today, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘AI’ is probably the buzzword of all buzzwords. The term is everywhere. Just about every major tech company, whether they are American, Chinese, or European have embraced AI and machine learning as if it was one of the most important discoveries ever...

What is AI Bias? Interesting Examples

The digital landscape is continuously evolving and impacting all domains of civilization relations. No one is questioning any more digitalization of human activities and the need for adaptation to novel and progressive technologies. This complex environment became even more challenging by the implementation of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.Generally, it can be said that AI...

Profound Impact of Bias in artificial intelligence – Janneke Niessen cofounder of CapitalT in Hitechies Podcast

Who is Janneke Niessen? Janneke Niessen is a co-founder of CapitalT, a VC fund that invests in technology companies using proprietary technology to evaluate entrepreneurial teams. In the past, she has started and exited 2 international tech companies. She is co-initiator of InspiringFifty, an initiative that aims to increase diversity in tech by making female...
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